How to Create Great Images With Corel Draw

Create Great Images With Corel Draw

There are many ways to create great images using Corel Draw. It is possible to create stunning images and videos that showcase your creativity. It also offers a host of features that you can use to enhance your work. For example, it lets you access online content and libraries. And you can save objects for reuse in Symbols and Libraries.


LiveSketch in Corel Draw allows you to edit your existing curves without rescanning the drawing. You can adjust the timer to five seconds to start and stop it when you want. LiveSketch also allows you to erase marks from your drawing if you prefer.

The software has many useful features, including customizable lines and brushes. It also has features for creating Boolean paths and shape blending. Users can also choose to use either RGB or CMYK color spaces for their artwork. In addition, the application supports touch-based hardware such as smartphones and tablets.

LiveSketch is a revolutionary new tool in CorelDRAW. This feature is based on the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It enables you to transform free-form sketches into accurate vector curves. It also recognizes and understands your sketching style, thereby eliminating the need for time-consuming paper sketching or scanning. LiveSketch is available in the latest versions of CorelDRAW. However, it is not available in the Home & Student edition of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

LiveSketch is a powerful tool that allows you to analyze freehand sketches and make adjustments to them. Using LiveSketch, you can convert your sketches into Bezier curves. This tool allows you to create complex curves and a broader range of objects. It also offers numerous features that help you get the most out of your freehand sketches.

Multipage view

The Multipage view in Corel Draw lets you resize individual pages, move objects between pages, and change the overall layout of a document. It is especially useful when you’re working on a document with several facing pages. With this view, you can see how a document will look when printed. For example, you can create a spread of two pages and see how it will look when printed in the Multipage view. Then, if you need to add a single back page, you can simply drag an existing page to the desired position.

Another great feature of the Multipage view is the ability to export multiple items at once. This feature makes it much easier to compare designs side-by-side. It also allows you to export assets to multiple industry-standard formats. The Pages docker also has improved functionality, allowing you to view the same file as several different pages.

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a collection of powerful design tools for professional illustrators. Its annual updates include new features and improved productivity. New features include customised contextual help, new and improved templates, and non-destructive adjustment presets. The new version also supports more file formats, such as TIFF and EPS.

CorelDRAW is one of the leading graphic design software applications. Its new edition is compatible with both Mac and Windows. The new version is called 2021, and it offers a range of new features. Among the new features are: Draw in Perspective, Snap to Self, Pages Docker/Inspector, and Multipage View. These features make CorelDRAW 2021 a great choice for small businesses on a tight budget.


CorelDRAW’s Symbols docker allows you to save objects and sets of objects as symbols. You can then reference the same object or set of objects many times within a drawing without redefining the file. This is a time-saving method that also works for working with special characters in text.

Symbol fonts are included in the software and can be found in the Windows Settings or Control Panel. You can install them by double-clicking on the symbol font in the docker and selecting “Add New Font”. You can also browse the Corel Draw/Symbols directory and add them using the “Add Symbol” feature.

Symbol fonts include Wingdings and Symbol. The Corel Draw symbol font offers an additional set of fonts that include a variety of shapes, such as a circle, square, and diamond. It also features a set of symbols for plus and minus signs. The font is expressed in points (1/72 inch), so if you need to change a symbol, you can change its size using the “Size” option.

Another useful feature of Corel Draw is the ability to use bitmaps in your drawings. You can use bitmaps to create a variety of symbols and images for your projects. However, be careful not to use GIF files for large prints. Because of their low resolution, they are not suitable for large posters. Additionally, you should avoid pasting images from Word because they can be corrupted.


Libraries in Corel draw are a way to store symbol collections for use in other files. Libraries can be stored locally or on a network. CorelDRAW 2021 includes a feature that allows you to manage and deploy your symbol libraries easily. Libraries in Corel draw are stored in a folder that is called the Symbols folder.

Libraries are useful for storing and reusing your company’s logo and other symbols. They’re easy to drag and drop into CorelDraw. You can also use these libraries in other documents if you want to change the logo of a company. There are several advantages to using libraries in Corel draw.

Export options

When you are working with a CorelDRAW document, it is important to understand the export options available to you. Export options allow you to create an output file that is in a common format and save it on your computer. You can also export an entire page, or objects, to a variety of formats.

If you want to export to a folder, you should set its name and specify the path to the folder. There are two options to choose from: fixed folders and path folders. The former is the default setting, but you can also enable custom saving options for more control over the export process. You can also export to the current document directory or an alternative location.

The format for CorelDraw files has undergone a few revisions. The most recent version uses a file format based on RIFF. The first two bytes of the file’s content are ASCII, while later versions are based on a proprietary format. The file name contains a version identifier in bytes 9-15. The first two bytes are ASCII, while the remaining eight are a 32-bit integer. Lastly, the file contains a chunk size and two bytes of content. CorelDraw is also compatible with a variety of file formats. BitRecover CDR File Converter is a great choice for changing CorelDRAW CDR vector files into multiple file formats. This offline software allows you to convert large CDR files without uploading sensitive graphics. Unlike other online converters, BitRecover CDR Converter is completely safe and will keep your entire CorelDRAW CDR files.