Top Graphic Design Books on Typography

Top Graphic Design Books on Typography

If you are interested in graphic design, you’ll want to check out these top books on typography. These books will help you learn more about fonts, color and design.

Typographic Design: House of Chanel

The House of Chanel deals with luxury goods, including clothing, jewelry, accessories, and watches. It is headquartered in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. A subsidiary, Luxottica, manufactures eyewear.

Coco Chanel is considered the founder of the House of Chanel. She opened a millinery shop at 160 Boulevard Malesherbes in Paris in 1909. During her lifetime, Chanel met and dated several women of fashion. She believed that thirteen was lucky. After her death, Karl Lagerfeld designed the Chanel logo.

As the years passed, Chanel’s textile production moved to France. She attached charms to her bags. And in 1924, she started using menswear styles.

Typographic Design as a Second Language

Typographic design is a form of art that consists of the arrangement of messages in a readable composition. It can be used to convey specific messages and evoke emotions.

The best typographic designs are those that balance the three components of text: legibility, readability, and aesthetics. This is because legibility and readability tend to support the aesthetic aspects of a product.

One of the most fascinating aspects of typography is color. Colour can elevate your interface and convey the tone of a message. Color is a result of letter shapes, paper, distances between letters, and inking.

Typographic Design: Oldham and Heller

A great resource for anyone interested in designing visual systems, this classic guide to typographic design explains its role in making information legible and readable. It covers everything from optical compensation to the relationship between letters and shapes in a font. The book is fully updated for 2020.

One of the most striking elements of typography is color. It defines the hierarchy of a design and conveys the tone of the message. Text color can clash with site colors, or elevate an interface to a new level.

Color has three major components: hue, value, and intensity. A good designer balances these to create a cohesive visual system.

Thinking With Type

Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton is a comprehensive look at the art and science of typography. The book is written for the beginner and the aficionado. It includes new material, dozens of illustrations, and practical exercises. This book is also the only typography book for designers that is actually written by a designer.

The book is organized into three main sections: Text, Grid, and Letter. Each section looks at the topic in a bit more depth. For example, the Grid chapter explains how grids have been used to organize typographic matter.

100 Best Typefaces Ever

The 100 Best Typefaces Ever is a definitive list of the world’s best typefaces. It’s published by FontShop AG and includes 180 pages of beautiful typography samples and interviews with designers. In addition to providing a comprehensive list of the world’s most popular typefaces, the book also provides readers with a visual guide to how to create their own beautiful typography.

The 100 Best Typefaces Ever is geared towards beginners, but it’s also a useful resource for advanced designers. Many of the fonts in the book are known for their use in some of the most famous logos and brands in the world.

The Secret Lives of Color

If you’re interested in learning about the history of color, The Secret Lives of Color is the book for you. This book is a treasure trove of colorful stories and scientific facts. It is a guide for graphic designers, illustrators, and design students. You’ll learn about 75 colors and how they came to be. Each color is introduced with a brief story and a few facts about how they were used. These colours were created from minerals, sea creatures, and rocks. There are also examples of how they were incorporated into our culture.